Creating something from nothing is a wondrous experience. To slowly see your ideas becoming a reality is fantastic and enjoyable. With sculpting It may start to out as a wire skeleton. Then it slowly becomes an indistinct form made of tinfoil. You then cover it with the Clay but it is still only just a simple model. After all those steps are done, you add the fine details so it resembles what you had in mind. We are all creations of God, so in ways, we traverse through a creative process of our own. In a similar situation, we all start off with small ideas in life.  Then we are inspired and our dreams grow larger and we think deeper. Later we are able to dive even further and experience firsthand where our ideas will take us. After lots and lots of hard work, finally, Our plans become a reality. God is sending Me and my fellow graduates through this creative journey Into our next chapters in life. Each of us will stumble upon challenges on the way. These are like media of art, some you will find easier than others, some will be necessary and some perhaps are not what you thought you wanted. Throughout high school I have tried my hand at multiple different mediums, each one being its own challenge. I find I am better at some, such as needle felting or acrylic and I have a lot of trouble with others. But sometimes you find that it’s God opening a window and showing you something you that you are inherently good at doing.

Creative Thoughts


                             "Jessica’s brothers and several of her                                    friends and her mom and I were very                                      proud of our talented daughter last night                                during her graduation ceremony. Artios                                  Academies of Sugar Hill has grown a lot                                in the last year and the auditorium was                                  full of families and their friends. Pam                                      and I joined the faculty on stage so we                                  had a good view of the smiling faces in                                  the audience. In the audience were Jessica’s kindred cousins from Raleigh, the Millers, represented by Jessica's Aunt Kim and all the kids, Ashley Kate, Briton, Will Thomas, Lucy, and Tyler.

Outside the theatre in the hall were the senior displays and Jessica’s was accompanied also by her senior project full of color and passion and humor. Her display represented her luscious collection of different creative graphics, paintings, drawings and 3d work she has created in the last few years; a  wonderful display of so many different artistic disciplines."